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Retirement Income Illustrator

Are you ready to meet the financial challenges of retirement? Will your retirement income cover your retirement expenses? Are you confident that you won’t outlive your retirement income? 

When the time comes to retire, your employer-sponsored retirement plan assets will likely be a very important retirement income source. A new tool, called Retirement Income Illustrator (RII) can provide a view of all your expenses and income during retirement. Having that view is the first step towards knowing where you stand today and whether your retirement plan savings and other income sources will be enough to fund your retirement. 

Retirement Income Illustrator depicts your unique retirement goals and objectives, as well as the specific risks to your retirement income, such as inflation, market volatility, healthcare costs and other factors that may cause you to deplete your nest egg too quickly. It can show us how long your retirement income may last and allows us to explore different “what-if” scenarios that may improve your retirement outlook. Together we can see how different financial solutions such as working longer or saving more can affect your retirement income. And the retirement strategy we create can be modified and revised over time as your priorities and circumstances change. 

Knowledge is a key to a more comfortable retirement. 

Let’s meet soon to discuss your situation, concerns and retirement goals. Using the RII tool, we can assess your retirement outlook, explore options and develop a personalized retirement income strategy to help you toward reaching your retirement goals. 

Please watch this brief video on RII for additional information: Lincoln Financial Advisors Retirement Income Illustrator Video

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