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6 Steps to a Brighter Future

1. Meet:

1. Meet:

Begin the client/financial professional relationship

  • Get to know more about you and how we can help you
  • Introduce you to our philosophy, expertise, and capabilities
  • Discuss your current savings and income levels
  • Establish pricing and fee schedule
2. Discover:

2. Discover:

Identify your goals and opportunities

  • Gather necessary and appropriate financial data and assess your tolerance for risk
  • Discuss your expectations for saving and investing
  • Perform comprehensive review of your personal financial profile
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have
3. Evaluate:

3. Evaluate:

Analyze your current situation

  • Confirm and clarify the information you provided
  • Discuss the findings of our comprehensive financial review
  • Prepare a preliminary financial plan as a sample of what you can expect
  • Explore alternative ideas and refine recommendations as needed
4. Design:

4. Design:

Create a custom-built plan

  • Begin identifying solutions that fit your situation
  • Determine which opportunities can help you reach your goals
  • Develop a working plan document based on your input and our expertise
  • Establish a formal action plan to move forward
5. Act:

5. Act:

Set your plan in motion

  • Review and recommend specific and beneficial financial products
  • Coordinate with your other professionals: CPA, attorney, insurance agent, etc.
  • Discuss your level of comfort with the final plan and make any required changes
  • Work together to implement the financial plan
6. Monitor:

6. Monitor:

Ongoing review and assessment

  • Ensure financial targets are being met
  • Take account of any changes to your financial situation
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Update your financial plan to keep current